Kepi asansör market


Our company was established in 2015 under the name of Kepi Elevator Market. Packages lift and equipment engaged in the sale, the leader of Turkey’s leading companies. Our company, which creates a wide range of services from east to west, from north to south in the country, aims to export to 40 countries and expand its range in four years with the trust received from its customers.


Turkey’s capital Ankara with 35 employees in 3000 square meters of indoor space, cabin, suspension, chassis weight, we make machine chassis production. Turkey Our products standards (TSE), European standards (CE), the Russian standards, (EAC) and we manufacture according to Ukrainian standards.

We are capable of delivering 60 Pack lifts per month, mainly geared, gearless, hydraulic, and montage lifts. Our company works on the principle of high quality and timely delivery and sells many domestic and foreign brands.

Kepi has adopted the principle of being a reliable, respected and permanent company with all its employees in its field of activity. .


To follow the technological developments closely, to produce elevator parts in accordance with world standards and to provide services To increase our competitiveness by delivering the most appropriate cost and highest quality products and services to the customer in the global competitive environment.

To ensure customer satisfaction at all times and to keep it at the highest level by offering ap


To continue to be a global company that is one of the world’s leading companies in the elevator sector in which it operates, continuously developing with technological innovations, producing quality products that meet the expectations of its customers, adding value to its customers and employees, providing them with satisfaction and providing benefit to society and country.



. We think and say how a job cannot be done, but by developing new approaches.
. In cases where standard solutions cannot meet different needs, we rapidly produce the most appropriate solutions by taking advantage of our knowledge, experience, relationships and technology.
. We develop new ideas to make life easier for our customers and each other, and take action to bring these ideas to life.

Reliability and Integrity;
. We do our job in the most accurate way, with the right and the heart.
. We make clear promises, we surely fulfill our promises, we report the results.
. We constantly improve ourselves and our colleagues.
. We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all of our relationships, thus establishing long-term relationships based on trust.

Service Oriented;
. Easily accessible from all channels to increase customer satisfaction and service quality,
. We offer our services at the targeted time by showing a customer-oriented approach.
. We constantly improve ourselves with the experience we gain from customer feedback.

Environmental awareness;
. We aim to take the measures to minimize the environmental pollution factors under control by taking into consideration the environmental impacts of our activities and services.